we know sheet metal.

Kimbow, Inc

About Us

Kimbow Inc, founded in 1996, is a precision sheet metal fabrication supplier located in Grand Rapids, MI. We service customers in a variety of industries from our 22,500 square foot facility with modern fabricating equipment and highly skilled personnel. Grand Rapids has a rich manufacturing heritage which provides us with the opportunity to add our touch to many different projects.

Kimbow offers a wide variety of services including engineering aid, prototyping, and both short run and long run production. Processes provided include sheet metal fabrication and all related processes. Final part finishing such as plating, painting and silk-screening are also available.

We are proud of our efficient and well organized plant as well as our reputation for on-time delivery and quality.

Experience Matters

We know we're not the biggest fabrication shop in town, but with over 200 years combined experience, we can give you the quality, personal service your company deserves. Whether you have a need for one custom prototype or a large, production-type run, Kimbow has the experience and the know-how to make it all happen.

Our Goal

To provide customers with quality manufacturing, valuable customer service, and competitive pricing.

Precision Sheet Metal